Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Visiting Specialists

We are pleased to be able to provide patients the convenience of being able to see their specialist locally.

Mansfield Medical Clinic proudly supports a wide variety of staff and visiting medical and surgical specialists to consult offering an excellent service to our community.

Making an Appointment

All specialists require a referral. This helps ensure you see the correct specialist for your condition and allows you to claim reimbursement from Medicare for the visit.

Usually, you will need to book an appointment with the specialist's office directly and mention you would like an appointment located in Mansfield.


Specialists consulting from Mansfield Medical Clinic


Dr Scott Pearce  03 9887 7775

Internal Medicine (General Physician)

Dr Phillip MacLeish  03 5722 1766


Dr Terry Stubberfield  03 5721 3873

Dr Patrick Stark   03 5721 3873


Dr Chunnie Ch'ng  03 9543 7133



Dr Warren Seager  03 5722 4965




Dr Paul Ruljancich  1300 021 595