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Elizabeth 'Jane' Morrissey

Elizabeth 'Jane' Morrissey

B.App.Sc (Physio), Post Grad Dip (Physio) (Womens Health), Grad Dip (SportsPhysio)


ABN 12 101 776 282


Women's and men's pelvic health, physiotherapy (prenatal, postnatal, incontinence, pelvic pain), Feldenkrais, preventative back care


Jane Morrissey is Physiotherapist with a keen interest in Women and Men’s Pelvic health.
She is also a Feldenkrais teacher of awareness through movement - gentle lessons in movement that assist you to improve your balance or to release old patterns of tension and holding which can free you from chronic pain.

Individual sessions will assist you to find ease in movement so that you will find it is easier to operate in gravity ie to walk tall, feel more grounded. Jane has also taught extensively in patient and loads handling, so that she can help make everyday life a little easier to negotiate, whether you are at work or in the garden.

Jane has many years of experience in helping people to move and work: ie to sit at a desk with ease, move under load safely and to run or play sport in a way that feels effortless and easy. She does this by assisting people to find better ways to control areas they don’t know, such as their upper back or pelvis and to increase the awareness of how their bodies work as a whole.

This kind of whole body or somatic learning, is practical, relaxed and fun. Having worked with people of all ages from premature babies to people in their nineties, she enjoys seeing people connect with their bodies in ways that work better for them.

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